Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mexico: Day 9 - Time to go home

Time to go home and back to the real world! We took the 4:30am bus back to the airport and checked in for our flight. We joined all the other Dallas-bound folks who were chafing against the long-sleeved shirts and long pants they hadn't had to wear while in sunny Cancun.

2 flights and a layover at DFW later, we were back in Seattle where the weather wasn't nearly as warm or sunny as it had been in Mexico. Still, it felt nice to be home and to join the regularly-scheduled American holiday season, already in progress!


Kim said...

Sounds like fun! I am glad you guys enjoyed your trip. And I'm not so sure that they didn't actually mean aliens in that Mayan sign. There is a conspiracy theory out there that the reason they were able to build such complex temples was because they were helped by aliens :) Some people say the same thing about stuff like Stonehenge. Maybe they were just trying to dispel that rumor!

Emily said...

I'm with Kim, didn't you see the latest Indiana Jones movie? Pretty sure that was South America somewhere.