Thursday, April 23, 2009

Barcelona: Day 1 - American Airlines "Knows Why We Fly"

The day began fairly early for a vacation day as Jon and I got up and headed for SeaTac. The weather had been very nice in Seattle the few days before, but now it was a little bit cold and overcast: a perfect time to escape the Pacific Northwest!

We settled into our exit row seats and stretched out for the flight to JFK. I caught a nap and got some reading done, and we landed on schedule on the east coast. One layover later, we got on our 767 bound for Barcelona. We left the gate on time, but a few minor maintenance issues kept us on the ground in New York for an extra 1.5 hours or so.

Finally, we were airborne and headed across the Atlantic. The flight wasn't too long. Maybe it only felt that way since the last time I flew internationally out of the New York area, we were headed for New Delhi!

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