Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Turkey: Day 6-Return to the Blue Lagoon

Another beautiful day found us once again heading back into Fethiye to catch a van to Oludiniz. Now total experts, we knew exactly where to stand to catch our ride. Oludiniz is a beach town that serves as the gateway to the Blue Lagoon: Turkey's gorgeous beach destination. After a quick walk down the beach, we headed off to the Blue Lagoon. It's a short walk to the entrance gate, and then another moderate walk out to the lagoon. Turkey_Oludiniz02

Certainly, the place was beautiful, with the tree-covered hills all around and the bright blue water mirroring the blue sky above, but for me the greatest part was that Jon and I had the entire place to ourselves! The beach is mostly round stones, but still we took off our shoes, rolled up our pants, and waded a bit into the water. What a relaxing day it turned out to be.Turkey_Oludiniz06

We headed back into Oludiniz, but found that since it was the off-season, we would not be able to get a boat out to the Butterfly Valley. We could have hired one, but it seemed like a bit of trouble to arrange, and the butterflies are supposedly at their peak in the summer instead of the winter. None of the tourist-centric town was open, but we were able to find one restaurant where we could grab some Cokes and sit by the water.

Sufficiently relaxed, we grabbed a van back to town, stopped by the bus station to get information on our return to the airport the next morning, and made our way back to the hotel. The skies were a bit cloudy, but it was still warm and pleasant, so we took the opportunity to sit outside and do some reading. We took a walk through the more working class area where folks were working on repairing boats before zipping back into town. We had a very large but fantastic dinner in town and then went to bed early.

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