Saturday, December 4, 2010

Turkey: Day 10–The Long Journey Home

Ah, after a great visit it was finally time to head home! We had an early flight to Istanbul, so we hopped a cab to the airport and went to check in.

Unfortunately, the Turkish Airlines agents told us that our reservation had been cancelled! They were able to get us on the flight to Istanbul but told us they could not get us on our flight to Chicago. I immediately became nervous, but Jon kept his cool and got all the information he could from the agents. When we got to Istanbul, we hurried to the sales office to see what could be done. To our relief, the salesperson said our reservation was just fine and printed out our ticket numbers, should we run into any more trouble. Soon, we were checked in and resting comfortably in the business class lounge.

Our flight to Chicago left on time, and we settled in for the long 12-hour flight across Europe, the Atlantic, and half of North America. Jon’s friend Doug met us at O’Hare to help pass the long layover at a nearby restaurant.

Soon, we were back up in the air and safely home in Seattle. Nobody enjoys the end of a great vacation, but there will be many future trips to look forward to!

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