Thursday, November 29, 2007

Day 12 -- Mumbai

This morning, we got up early and flew to Mumbai. The flight on Jet Airways was great, and we even got breakfast!

After checking into our hotel, Jon and I took the commuter train 20km from our hotel into the city. What an experience! Getting on and off requires shoving, and when we had to change trains, it took us a few tries to actually board one! Jon found a car with plenty of room and was about to jump on when I pointed out to him that it was for ladies only. Whoops!

We saw the Gateway to India monument and took a boat to Elephanta island with its amazing cave carvings in the stone walls.
Mumbai feels much more like a western city than Delhi did, so we took a walk by Chowpatty beach (similar to Lakeshore Drive in Chicago), ate some pizza and ice cream, and enjoyed the warm evening. Then it was back to the commuter train (still just as crowded) back north. It's been an exhausting day!

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Anonymous said...

The cave and artwok looked incredible.