Saturday, November 17, 2007

33 hours with Continental Airlines

Jon and I took off on the red eye from Seattle to Cleveland to Newark, landing on the east coast on Saturday morning. We had 10 hours to kill, but luckily for us, C had graciously offered to pick us up and host us while we were in New Jersey.

We enjoyed checking out her new apartment near the shores of Lake Parsippany. Not only was the setting quite nice, but C has done a great job with the decorating! After a few hours there, we met up with A for dinner in Chester, NJ. It's a nice little town with a walkable main street of all sorts of shops.

As much as we enjoyed our stay, it was time to get back to the airport for the 14 hour flight to Delhi! C dropped us off, and we had a little time to make a few last minute "Happy Thanksgiving!" calls before settling in to seats 25 A and B and making ourselves comfortable.

The flight to Delhi was very comfortable aboard the Boeing 777, and I appreciated Continental's selection of about 50 movies.

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