Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Day 10 -- Udaipur

As the sun rose, we awoke and arrived a Udaipur.

Immediately, Udaipur felt friendlier. Our rickshaw driver to the hotel was particularly friendly, and we really only had to say "no" twice to most people who asked us to by things (in every other place, it had been at least 4 or 5 times). Our hotel had a good view out over the city's lake palace, and the breakfast we had there was a nice way to start the day. We did some exploring around the neighborhood and lined up dinner for that night at a nice restaurant (it was Jon's birthday) and a cooking class for the next day...all within a few steps from our hotel! We rented a paddle boat out on the lake and just took it easy.

We tried to navigate to a restaurant across the lake for lunch but ended up going a little bit out of our way. Eventually we gave up and hired an autorickshaw! Udaipur doesn't have very many street signs! The restaurant was on a peninsula overlooking some local women doing laundry. As we were eating, an elephant strolled by to snack on a nearby tree!

That evening, we headed out for a great meal. The restaurant was about a quarter of a mile from our hotel, so it was an easy stroll. There were some musicians playing, and we had a great view of the city at night. We walked back to the hotel, spoke to some of the locals out on the street, and called it an early night.

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Anonymous said...

An elephant!? How great was that.

The last time my husband and I did a cooking class (somewhere on the East coast of Mexico) I ended up kissing 2 different locals. What crazy thing did you or Jon do?